Friday, October 5, 2007

The great al-Quds day massacre

We've been hearing a lot about US forces targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq fighters and their Sunni allies recently, so it's good to know that the Iranian-backed Shia militias haven't been forgotten.

US forces killed 25 militants suspected of links to Iran's Quds Force in a raid near Baquba early today - what a great way to mark al-Quds day, of which more in a later post. So much for all that Iranian training; any fighters who survived the encounter should send back their diplomas in protest.

As Bill Roggio reports, the US took the opportunity to repeat its thinly veiled warning to Moqtada al Sadr, to the effect that his militias can expect similar treatment if he decides to end his six-month 'suspension' of attacks.

More importantly, this raid also sends a clear message to Tehran: you keep arming, training and giving orders to these guys, and we'll keep killing them. And the more success the US enjoys against these groups, the more likely Iran will overplay its hand in trying to hit back, clearing the way for long-overdue strikes against Quds targets inside Iran.

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