Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The NYT: Making sure you get the message

The above image is from a promo at the New York Times online, and shows a page from the Times displayed on a handheld device. You probably can't make out the headline on the left, but if you see the original ad it reads 'Afghans say NATO bombs kill 25 civilians'. To the right is a photo of coffins draped with the American flag, presumably those of fallen service personnel from Iraq or Afghanistan, although I can't make out the accompanying text.

The image is a link to the Times' technology pages, where you'll find stories about mobile phones, computers and internet companies, but very little about the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I guess you could call it 'subliminal editorialising'.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Jeanette from Ohio checking in. I got here using a link from newsbusters.org You might want to check out little green footballs while you're at it.

Mike said...


I know LGF well – they've linked to me a couple of times. Please drop by again!

Anonymous said...

You are definetly on the bookmark roster! Nice job tracking these criminal anti-American bastards! Job(s) well done my friend!