Thursday, February 28, 2008

"I'm a free human being in Europe, and I'm not a slave of the European Commission."

With this existential cry, Czech Republic interior minister Ivan Langer today ripped the electrodes out of his head and disconnected the downlink from Brussels, in his country's latest act of defiance against the Borg-like entity that is the European Union.

The BBC reports that the Czech government could face legal action after signing its own deal on visa-free travel with the US, having become fed up waiting while the EU haggled over a Europe-wide deal:

The European Commission fears the accord undercuts its own talks with the US on an EU-wide visa agreement.

But Czech interior minister Ivan Langer criticised the EU. "We've been waiting years and nothing happened," he said.

The report adds that Hungary, Lithuania and Estonia may now follow suit.

You have to love those Czechs. Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus is a lone but eloquent voice of sanity in the European madhouse on the subject of 'climate change'.

And Mr Langer's thumb in the eye of the EU follows hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement that his country is close to agreeing a deal on hosting elements of the US Missile Defence system.

The proposed anti-ballistic missile shield is another issue that has pitted 'new' European nations against 'old', with Germany leading the opposition, and several countries expressing concern that the project could undermine relations between the EU and Russia, from which Europe gets much of its energy.

It's no surprise to see Europeans fretting over their 'relationship' with a country that threatens, blackmails and attempts to destabilise its neighbours, as well as murdering opponents at home and abroad.

After all, the unreconstructed socialists now running the EU are the generation that marched against the deployment of Pershing IIs 25 years ago, preferring a Soviet takeover of Europe to a peace guaranteed by the Great Satan.

Following the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Czechs and several other newly independent states understandably turned to the EU for security guarantees and economic support. Now they're finding out that they were liberated from one dictatorship only to fall under another one that's marginally more civilised, but every bit as corrupt and intolerant of dissent.

It's good to see that they're still up for a fight.


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