Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rezko: This guy really IS bad news

Barack Obama endured his first truly hostile press conference yesterday, and he didn't care for it much.

MSNBC's First Read reports:

Questions centered on why his campaign had denied that a meeting occurred between his chief economic advisor and Canadian officials as well as questions on his relationship with Tony Rezko, a Chicago land developer and fast food magnate, now on trial for corruption charges.

This is interesting stuff. Not before time, Obama is beginning to face serious scrutiny about…

Whoaaa! Back up there!

Tony Rezko is a fast food magnate? That's a new one on me. And it's probably a new one on many of Obama's supporters.

The Democrats seem happy to overlook the fact that Obama has links to a property developer with a shady past, despite that fact that many of them are signed up to a system of political thought which holds that all property is theft (they don't have a problem with the shadiness).

It doesn't bother them that Obama may have been taking tainted money. Hell, they'd be happy for him to take money from Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and probably the Devil himself if it gets their man into the White House.

But now it looks like he's been taking fast food money - and for the left, fast food epitomises all that's wrong with America. It's where corporate greed meets physical greed. It's poisoning the children, polluting the air and it entails the deaths of animals. Animals with big eyes.

The evils of fast food are a favourite subject for everyone from elitist culture columnists to shock-doc film-makers - but that's not to say that all Democrats are anti-burger. If the beef in question has been humanely reared (ideally the restaurant should be able to tell you the name of the cow it came from, and the date it attained nirvana), doesn't have an unacceptably high carbon footprint and is served to you by a French waiter, then you're in the clear.

But what I've seen of Rezko suggests to me that the meat for his burgers is unlikely to be locally sourced from 100% organically reared cattle. More likely it arrives by tanker from wherever it can be cheaply acquired - possibly from the developing world - and is pumped into the kitchens of his restaurants through a hose.

Rezko has the blood of innocent livestock, and the elevated insulin levels of a generation of young Americans, on his hands. It's time for Obama to quit stalling, and tell the voters whether or not he's ever knowingly eaten a Rezkoburger.

HT Instapundit. Protein Wisdom has a good round-up of slightly more serious reaction, and Sister Toldjah has an even bigger round-up.

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