Sunday, March 30, 2008

Who'dathunkit! Chavez 'stifling Venezuelan media'

Hugo Chavez has been accused of stifling press freedom in Venezuela by an organisation which represents media companies from across the Americas. The BBC reports:

Delegates at a meeting of the Inter-American Press Association in Caracas said Mr Chavez was using intimidation to curb criticism of his government.

The report adds that several hundred supporters of Mr Chavez held a protest rally in Caracas against IAPA:

They described the association's delegates as "fascists" and "liars" and also accused the private media in Venezuela of trying to destabilise Mr Chavez's government.

I'll bet that was one spontaneous rally, and had absolutely nothing to do with Chavez, though he was doubtless grateful for the support.

Sean Penn was not immediately available for comment. He's probably being 'stifled' by the all-powerful Bush censorship machine.

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