Thursday, February 26, 2009

After Wilders, will Smith ban Hezbollah extremist?

Earlier this month, Jacqui Smith, the middle-management chav who passes for Britain's Home Secretary, banned Geert Wilders from the UK, ostensibly because he engaged in 'hate speech', but in reality because she feared violence from British Muslims angry at Wilders' portrayal of Islam as a religion that preaches violence.

Now she's under pressure to ban Ibrahim Moussawi, an Islamic extremist who's a key figure in the propaganda machinery of the terrorist groupl Hezbollah, and James Slack at the Daily Mail isn't optimistic that she'll do so.

Coming so soon after the Wilders row Smith may feel she has no option but to ban Moussawi, who's been allowed into the UK twice before. But if the usual suspects in the 'moderate' muslim community start making a noise it won't be a surprise to see her back down - after all, it's not as if British Jews are going to threaten to lay siege to Parliament, as Lord Ahmed (who will have plenty of time on his hands for campaigning from his prison cell) promised British Muslims would if Wilders was allowed in.

Watch this space.

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