Thursday, February 26, 2009

Muslim support for terror attacks on Americans increasing

Over at Jawa Report, Rusty reports on some worrying findings in an opinion poll on public opinion in the Muslim world:

The good news, of course is that large majorities in Muslim countries reject killing American civilians. But that's about where the good news begins and ends.

The worst news? Support by Muslims for attacks against American civilians has actually increased over the past two years.

This is true even in so-called "moderate" countries, like Indonesia where 5% of the population think civilians are legitimate targets for attack and another 8% have mixed feelings about attacking civilians. What's 5% of 237 million people? That's over 10 million terror supporters living in Indonesia alone, with another 19 million of their neighbors who might not feel inclined to turn them in should they ever decide to go on a killing spree.

A related question showed -- with the exception of those asked in Egypt -- that support for killing American civilians working in Muslims countries is even greater than support for killing American civilians in the US. A full 18% of Palestinians either directly support killing Americans living in the Middle East or had mixed feelings about the prospect.

Hooray two-state solution!

If you read the full report linked at Rusty's, you'll find that Steven Kull, director of pollsters World Public Opinion, manages to put an anti-American (or rather anti-Bush's America) spin on the findings:

"The US faces a conundrum. US efforts to fight terrorism with an expanded military presence in Muslim countries appear to have elicited a backlash and to have bred some sympathy for al Qaeda, even as most reject its terrorist methods."

See, it's all Bush's fault for provoking these noble, peace-loving people!

I have written about WPO, and their buddies at GlobeScan and PIPA, a couple of times. These people are anti-American (or at least they were when Bush was in charge), anti-globalisation, global warming hysterics, multi-culti fetishists and terrorist apologists all the way. They also work closely with the BBC, which tells you a lot.

I imagine that if a polling organisation that was ideologically neutral conducted similar research, the findings would be even worse.


Winfred Mann said...

Gallup reported last year (2007) that 7% of Muslims worldwide vigorously support jihad, and the killing of Americans.

Two years ago the World Opinion Poll indicated that in four Islamic countries up to 76% thought it was somewhat okay to kill Americans. Since one cannot be somewhat pregnant (One is is pregnant, or not., this means a large percentage of Muslims in Islamic countries think it's okay to kill Americans.

mohammed.husain said...

don't you have anything better to do than spread hatred and fear monger?

Colonel Neville said...

Dear Mo Hinsane: Five stars! Excellent Muslim logical fallacy, cognitive dissonance and as per usual uber-lying. Bravo. Dumber than dog hair, ain't cha? Stealth Jihad by Robert Spencer, Why They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel and thereligionofpeac com etc, etc , etc. Hahahahahaha! Nya nya!

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