Wednesday, October 3, 2007

UK judge says Gore's film is biased

This is a great victory for opponents of climate change hysteria. A judge in the UK has said that Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth promotes partisan views, and that teachers who show the film to their pupils must make it clear that there are opposing opinions on the subject.

Stewart Dimmock, a lorry driver from Dover in South-east England who has children aged 11 and 14, went to court after the government announced in February that DVDs of the film would be sent to all secondary schools in England, along with other global warming propaganda.

The Daily Mail reports that in a three-day hearing, the court was told the film contains a number of inaccuracies, exaggerations and statements about global warming for which there is currently insufficient scientific evidence. Mr Dimmock says Gore's film is "sentimental mush", and accused the government of "brainwashing" children. The Mail reports:

Mr Justice Burton is due to deliver a ruling on the case next week, but yesterday he said he would be saying that Gore's Oscar-winning film does promote 'partisan political views'.

This means that teachers will have to warn pupils that there are other opinions on global warming and they should not necessarily accept the views of the film.

Mr Dimmock said at the start of the hearing: "I wish my children to have the best education possible, free from bias and political spin, and Mr Gore's film falls far short of the standard required." He wants the film banned altogether, and his solicitor said "no amount of turgid guidance" could change the fact that the film is unfit for the classroom.

The film should certainly be banned from schools, but given that the global warming alarmists enjoy the full support of Britain's political, media and educational establishments, this is still a significant victory.

Those who believe we should have an open and honest debate on the subject should be grateful to Stewart Dimmock for standing up to the media/political global warming spin machine, and take encouragement from the fact that AIT has officially been labeled the lie-strewn piece of agitprop a lot of people have been calling it for years.


Anonymous said...

The inconvenient truth is that travelin Al Gore uses up more environmental resources in a week than regular people burn up in a whole year. Yes folks, Al is getting rich traveling around the globe with a multitude of Jets and Limousines carrying his large butt and the many people in his entourage to rallies where he yells at us that WE need to conserve resources.

Another fact, he is getting filthy rich by sticking to this global warming hype, and if people stopped believing it he would lose the limelight and some dollars.

Look at the SUN. If you've ever heard of solar flares and seen images or video of the surface of the sun, you might better understand that the surface of the sun is not like a light bulb that maintains a constant temperature. It is much more like a campfire in that it flickers, and much like your face when sitting around a campfire, you can feel the heat fluctuate. Now could it be that the sun is going through a warming trend, and similar to a campfire it is flickering? Tests have shown that the surface of Mars and the other planets are also warming along with the Earth - so how can man be responsible for that? In fact, the UN study showed that cow farts and termites contribute more to global warming than man does. So should we eat more cows (mmmm, beef)? Spray more termites?

Does CO2 raise temperature? NO! IN FACT IT'S JUST THE OPPOSITE! And anyone with a background in environmental studies knows this, including Al Gore. Oh wait, that's right. He has no background in anything related to global warming other than he was a protesting beatnik tree hugger who figured out how to make money off of it.

It works out that 'as temperature rises, CO2 follows' not the other way around as lyin Owl Gore would have you believe. When the ocean temperatures rise BECAUSE OF THE SUN, the oceans will give off or produce more CO2 gases. And as plant life heats up and dies and begins to decay, they too emit more CO2 gases. INCREASED HEAT CREATES or increases CO2 GASES.

Wake up and smell the hot coffee. Al Gore and the others crying about this are either making money off of your ignorance or watch and you'll see that they're living a lifestyle that's burning up the very fuel they're claiming to be so passionate about saving. Those who aren't being led around by ignorance don't believe the lies either and their lifestyles should reveal to you how serious the problem really is. Open your eyes people - do not let yourselves become Sheeple.

Anonymous said...

#1. You can kind of forgive Gore for being ignorant, and stating false and misleading things, because he's not a scientist. Less forgivable is the fact that the technical consultant to the film was non other than James Hansen (yes, that James Hansen) who should know better. His blessing of that piece of propaganda is outrageous.

#2. i-live-2-ride, CO2 does not cause cooling. If you don't know the science, chill. You're making all of us look stupid.

Todd said...

I love it!! Hopefully in the next 5-10 years when this all dies down we can put billions into something worth while. I don’t know, cancer research, maybe HIV/AIDS research? We need to be concerned with the problems we face now, not hundreds of years into the future.

magic8ball said...

Anonymous: The reason Hansen supports Al Gore and his biased movie may have something to do with George Soros giving him over 700k.

magic8ball said...

...If you don't believe me check it out for yourself....

Anonymous said...

Notice to anonumous poster: i-live-2-ride never said or implied that CO2 causes cooling, so if you don't know how to read, chill, you're making yourself look stupid.

Anonymous said...

"Does CO2 raise temperature? NO! IN FACT IT'S JUST THE OPPOSITE" (Temperature raises CO2)

Ryan Frank said...

The opposite in this case means that the higher temperate raises the measured CO2 levels, not that CO2 causes cooling. I don't know if this is in fact correct (although I will probably go look it up now) but he most certainly did not say that C02 causes cooling.

OregonGuy said...

May I propose October 3rd as "Stewart Dimmock Day"?

I think I'll simply declare it.

Today is "Stewart Dimmock Day."

Mario Cuellar said...

Science is clear, more carbon dioxide, more temperature. I do believe people who thinks so are Exxon's friends...

Daniel Rodri­guez said...

Of course, Mario, honest disagreement is a concept you just can't understand.

Anonymous said...

260 hundred million years in the past 95 % of all creatures died
in a period of the earth where
there was a lot of co2 in the air

Lets try it again Just let us continue to free that co2 at the moment still fixed in form of coal,

We don't need to change anything
The seven sisters (Exxon, Shell, BP, Total...) will help us to do so.

By the way if you didn't know
in the deep sea we have a lot of frozen methan gaz If its freed
his impact on the climate is
150 times better than just co2.

Isn't it cool

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention that the judge quite clearly expressed that the movie won't be banned from schools, as Dimmock demanded, because the detected errors were minor in nature and that the movie contains four messages that are very well and truthfully documented: That climate change is made by man, that temperatures will rise further, that the climate change will have bad consequences and that it is possible for governments and individuals to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

I believe global warming IS real, but it's also obvious that AL Gore is exploiting a serious issue for his own sick gain.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Here is more recent evidence (July 2008) to support my argument that the SUN is the culprit, not mankind (aside from that blowhard Al Gore who should not be let off the hook).

" organization representing nearly 50,000 physicists, has reversed its stance on climate change and is now proclaiming that many of its members disbelieve in human-induced global warming."

"Monckton, who was the science advisor to Britain's Thatcher administration... In the past 70 years the Sun was more active than at almost any other time in the past 11,400 years ... Mars, Jupiter, Neptune’s largest moon, and Pluto warmed at the same time as Earth."