Friday, August 10, 2007

Dems get the BBC's vote – again

Just in case anyone's in any doubt as to where the BBC's loyalties lie when it comes to US politics, here's further proof: of the Beeb's choice of six 'key stories' about the 2008 presidential race, three are positive stories about the Democrats, one's a neutral story on the Democrats YouTube debate, and two are negative stories about Republicans.

I'm baffled by what motivates the Beeb. It can't hope to cover the candidates and the issues in the same depth as the US media, and its reporting is unlikely to influence anyone outside of a few UK-based Americans, but still it cheers for the Democrats as if the election were tomorrow and too close to call, and it thinks it can still win over crucial swing voters.

Okay, I'm not that baffled.

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Chris Palmer said...

Good piece Mike. I read somewhere on the Biased-BBC blog that there has been a distinct bias in the number of stories covering the Democrats and their election preparations compared with the Republicans (negating the fact that the Republicans currently have the White House.)

I don't know to what extent the BBC is fully read in the US, but I believe it is quite a substantial amount numbering in the millions. They do have an increasing influence in the States, which unfortunately is mostly funded by the British taxpayer.