Monday, August 6, 2007

Jihad the Musical

Via Mark Steyn at the The Corner: A musical satire on terrorism is causing a stir at the Edinburgh Festival in Britain. And it's not just some silly comic rant either – as you can see from this clip the production values are pretty slick, and the music and lyrics worthy of Ebb and Kanter, who addressed the rise of an equally evil ideology in a similar style with Cabaret.

A lot of people will say this is an inappropriate subject for a musical, but when our media and politicians fail to do a proper job of exposing jihadists for the deluded sociopaths that they are then we need to look for other mediums, and we may as well enjoy a little light relief while we're at it. However I'll be very surprised if any West End or Broadway theatre has the courage to bring this show to a mass audience.

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Irwin Chusid/WFMU said...

WHERE CAN I BUY THE SOUNDTRACK?? It'll get heavier rotation than anything by Sondheim.