Saturday, September 15, 2007

After Abu Risha

Abdul Sattar Abu Risha got a good send-off yesterday, with Lt Gen Odierno and senior Iraqi ministers among the mourners.

Abu Risha's brother has taken over the leadership of the tribe, and has pledged to continue the fight against al-Qaeda. And Sheikh Rashid Majid, a leader of the al-Bufahad tribe in Ramadi, said: "The killing will give us more energy... to continue confronting al-Qaeda members and to dispose of them."

As I said yesterday, there are plenty more Abu Rishas. And it may be that his murder backfires on AQI even more spectacularly, by bringing what's happening in Anbar to the attention of ordinary Iraqis, and serving as a catalyst for further cooperation and reconciliation.

Great piece on the sheikh at the New York Sun.

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