Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Muslim informant speaks out

The story is here. Kudos to Mubin. I don't think $300,000 is that big a reward for saving countless lives, and perhaps living the rest of your own life in fear (although he looks like he can handle himself), but I do think he's a bit mad going on TV.

We need more like him.

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Anonymous said...

Don't beleive this jerk off for one minute.
He did it for the money.
He also campained for Sharia law in Toronto.

And he has purposely jepordised the outcome of the trial by talking quite frequently to media about his involvement in the undercover operation (against Lawyers advice).

Born and bread in Toronto, ex gang banger who found Allah and a new way to make money.

He is not worried at all about non Muslims in Toronto.

War is deceit.