Sunday, September 9, 2007

Quiet Sunday

After a frantic week of trying to hold down a day job while capitalising on the fact that MTC has started to pull in a few visitors, it's been a bit of an uneven weekend. I missed the Bin Laden video fun due to being out on the town Friday night, and recovering the next morning, but I did managed to get a couple of posts up yesterday. This morning I played football (soccer) – a nice break from the computer screen – and we won! – and now I'm sitting down a big Sunday dinner which is likely to knock me out for a few hours. Hope to get back to posting later this evening.

Big thanks to Gateway Pundit for linking to my post 'Left or right, you'll find a home with al-Qaeda'. In stark contrast to me, GP has been on fire over the weekend, particularly on the Hsu affair.

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