Saturday, September 15, 2007


As you can see I'm experimenting with putting a few adds on the site – not those random AdSense ones, but Amazon links to the kind of books I read and I think you might enjoy. I need to get a third column on the template to do this properly; I think I know someone who can do this, but if anyone has any ideas on the subject, or knows if Blogger plans to introduce new templates, I'd like to hear you!

Also I might try a different template, so don't be too surprised if MTC suddenly gets a makeover. Again, feedback welcome!



Anonymous said...


I didn't see any three column layouts for blogger, but if you want to switch to Wordpress you can find hundreds.

WP will also let you import your blogger posts/comments.

Mike said...

Thanks Greg. I'll check it out, but if my guy can add a column to this layout I may stick with it for now.