Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Asylum rights for Iraqis

If things are so hunky-dory in southern Iraq that the British can pull out, how come so many of the Iraqis who've worked with them are desperate to get out of the country, rather than stay and build a rainbow nation with the assorted criminal gangs and Iranian-backed militias now taking over? Dan Hardie is running a write-to-your-MP campaign in support of Iraqis seeking asylum in Britain, and a cross-party meeting of MPs is being organised.

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Dan said...

Mike, thanks very much indeed. Can I just ask you to email me at
It's just that I need to give bloggers like yourself an invitation to the event at Parliament on 9th October, so I'll need an email address. Also it will speed things up if I can email you rather than have to leave comments.