Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rudy takes down Hillary and MoveOn:

Whoever gets the Republican nomination, this is the sort of stuff that will sink Hillary:

Related: Kim Strassel at has a piece on the changing political fortunes in Washington. A key excerpt:

In short, the war is in a better place, and by extension those politicians who have supported the war are in a better place. The most obvious winners are congressional Republicans. The pressure they had faced to join with Democrats on withdrawal deadlines has now ebbed, primarily because Gen. Petraeus is himself advocating bringing troops back home – and from a position of strength. Those members who have fought the hardest for a principled stand in Iraq, say Sen. Joe Lieberman, are looking smarter, and will be able to tackle upcoming legislative battle – over the defense budget and a later war supplemental – with renewed firepower.

And as for the Democrats…

Their decision to throw in with the antiwar left has left them with nowhere to go now that the better news is rolling in. That much has been obvious by the speed with which they've been blowing through new political strategies – each one less convincing than the one before.

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