Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mormonism isn't the same as Islamism

The BBC news website has a feature on Mormonism in the context of Mitt Romney's presidential bid and the release of the film September Dawn, which deals with the 1857 massacre of settlers by Mormons at Mountain Meadow, Utah. It appears to be a fairly balanced and thoughtful piece, except for this foolish paragraph:

The harshest critics of Mormonism compare its base theology to that of the Taliban. How are Brigham Young's followers who murdered children any different than those who lop off heads for Allah?

The difference is, of course, that Mountain Meadow happened 150 years ago, and the Mormons have expressed shame and regret for the episode. Islamists, by contrast are 'lopping' (the writer's euphamism for hacking) heads off in various parts of the world right now, and many thousands, perhaps millions, of their co-religionists – including influential leaders – at best remain silent and at worst enthusiastically approve of their actions.

Equating the past misdeeds of Judeo-Christian religions with the atrocities currently being perpetrated in the name of Islam is a recurring theme of the secularist, moral equivalence-pushing MSM. Don't hold your breath waiting for the BBC's exposé of the atrocities committed by Mohammed and his followers.

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