Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wishful thinking by the BBC?

UPDATE: They've changed it! Who tipped them off? If only I'd remembered to take a screen shot. Wait... what's this?

From a report on the difficulties faced by British Muslims observing Ramadan:

Thirty-one-year-old Sumaya Amra is just one of the billions of Muslims who takes part in the holy month of Ramadan by fasting in daylight hours, each day for 30 days.

Actual estimates for the number of Muslims worldwide are between one and 1.3 billion. This is probably just a Freudian slip by the BBC, which is regularly criticised for bias against Christianity and in favour of Muslims.

That said, if the multicultralism-obsessed BBC continues to boost the confidence of Muslim extremists around the world by playing down links between Islam and terrorism, and keeps promoting Islam as a fashionable lifestyle choice for feeble-minded left-leaning types, then the magic two billion figure can't be far off. And that's before we even start to count all those forced conversions.

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