Saturday, September 1, 2007

Snow tells it like it is

Tony Snow gives an eloquent defence of his boss, and of the War on Terror.

At one point Snow is asked by one of the White House press corps how he squares his view of Bush with the "unpopularity outside". Snow politely declines to give the obvious reply, which would have been something along the lines of: "Well I think you people have a lot to answer for in that respect."

The left are doubtless happy that Snow is stepping down as White House spokesman (they've refrained from the nastier attacks for now on account of his health problems), but I like to think that, like Obi-Wan Kenobi after he was slain by Darth Vader, Snow will now become more powerful than they can possibly imagine and will continue to harass them, whether by returning to TV or going into talk radio, or even as a senator. Radio Blogger has more.

Karl Rove gives his take on the Bush legacy at NRO. His conclusion:

I have come to understand true leadership leans into the wind. It tackles big challenges with uncertain outcomes rather than taking on simple, sure tasks. It does what is right, regardless of what the latest poll or focus group says. History demands much of America and its leaders and I am confident it will judge the 43rd president as a man more than worthy of the great office the American people twice entrusted to him.

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