Thursday, September 27, 2007

Support the Burmese: call their country Burma

Great post by Jonathan Foreman at The Corner on the Burma/Myanmar debate, and how the New York Times has chosen the wrong option:

Apparently the Grey Lady's style-meisters still believe it is politically correct to follow the whim of the country's vicious military kleptocracy and refer to Burma as Myanmar, and its capital as Yangon instead of Rangoon. Never mind that most English speaking Burmese use the traditional names. Or that much of the international media, and certainly the British media (including the generally PC BBC) are quietly going back to the country's real name.

It has long been the settled habit of the nastiest and most incompetent governments of South Asia to rename streets, districts and cities in lieu of doing the real work of governing, or in the hope of whipping up nationalist support.

So Burma it is.

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